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2nd Star Productions
Uncle Max can juggle!
He consoles Gretl (Vivian Wingard, right)
and encourages the kids to sing
Left: Doug Dawson with Amanda Hastings and Laura Kaplan
Below:  the kids miss Maria
Maria's return
Elsa, Max and the Captain sing
"No Way To Stop It"
Sheri Kuznicki as Elsa 
Barbara Ellis Zeller as Maria, Doug Dawson as Capt. Von Trapp
The Wedding
Franz (Mark Dawson, left) and Rolf (Jim Fitzmaurice, right) are now Nazis
Maria shows Admiral Von Schreiber
the Festival program
The Von Trapp Family Singers
at the Kaltzberg Music Festival 1938
Cast Photos
Music Director Chuck Hastings, center
and our Orchestra
The Family Von Trapp (and Uncle Max)
Thanks for a wonderful show!        Novmber 2001